Adding Luxury to Your Home with Custom Limestone

Throughout history, limestone has become a symbol of elegance and sophistication in the realm of building materials. It is a naturally occurring calciferous stone that is composed of calcium carbonate and minerals like calcium and magnesium. In addition, it also often contains a very small amount of organic matter. From the exorbitant palaces of European royalty to the modern-day homes of the rich and famous, limestone has long been harvested for its durability and suave natural beauty. 

If you’re thinking about remodeling areas of your home, you can use natural stone to highlight certain aspects of your property – and limestone is a beautiful choice. Whether you choose crushed limestone or solid, limestone flooring or a limestone fireplace, custom cut stone is a nice way to add some luxury and value to your home. Did you know that limestone is also used to raise soil pH levels and improve soil conditions? Learn more about the many surprising benefits of limestone.

A Lasting Investment

If you’re going to invest in remodeling certain features of your property, you need to make sure that your new investment is going to pass the test of time. Limestone is known for its resistance to everyday wear and tear, making it the ideal choice for applications like stone flooring. It’s also a popular choice for other exposed surfaces like countertops and table tops. Try adding a limestone floor to your living room, limestone counters to your kitchen, or limestone pavers to your patio or deck. The versatility of this natural stone is just one of the many benefits to adding it to your home – the possibilities truly are endless.

Limestone Deck

Less Is More

You don’t have to overdo the limestone elements in your home to add some value to your property. You can focus on small areas or specific features without spending a fortune. Smaller ticket items such as limestone fireplace mantels, doorways, or stairway banisters can make a big impression on your guests and potential buyers. Since natural stone brings so many valuable features to a property, adding it is a very cost effective way to boost your home’s value because a little goes a long way.

Limestone Stepping Stone

Variety for Mixing and Matching

Limestone comes in a range of different colors, textures, and tones, helping you match your new investment to the existing features of your property. If you’re going for a more minimalist approach to interior design, a clean white or gray limestone floor or outdoor patio might make the most sense. For warmer earth tones, you can find light brown or cream-colored limestone finishes that would be perfect for cozy indoor areas such as limestone tiles in the bathroom or your bedroom. 

You can also choose from a range of textures, from fine grain limestone to coarse grain. Regardless of what kind of effect you’re going for, it has the versatility to set your home apart from others. Limestone is a natural choice for distinct home additions.

Consistent Aesthetics

Certain materials like marble, wood, granite, and certain types of natural stone can vary from cut to cut. You might capture a specific look in one room, only to get completely different results with it in another room. 

Limestone, on the other hand, offers more consistency, helping you create that all-around look in your home. You can pave all your floors in custom cut limestone, indoors and out, without worrying about how things will change from room to room.


All Natural for Timeless Beauty

Nature never goes out of style. While minimalist industrial materials tend to come and go with the latest trends, limestone is a safer bet that stands the test of time. It has a simple, all-natural appeal that’s here to stay, it’s strong, durable, versatile, and relatively easy to care for, as well. If you add limestone features to your property, you can rest assured that they will be just as stylish fifty years down the road as they are today.

Limestone Pool Coping

Come to BT Architectural Stone for a stunning range of custom cut limestone pavers, limestone fountains, limestone fireplaces, and all around limestone elements and features. Whether you already know exactly how you want to use this beautiful natural stone in your home or you need help getting started with some ideas, our team of experts is ready to help. Add some luxury to your home and contact us for a quote today.

From the Quarry to your Home

Stone Quarries differ in Geographical location. This particular quarry was dug into the ground. Other quarries we use for Architectural Stone products are dug into the sides of mountains. One can see the magnitude of the quarry by comparing it to the heavy machinery that is is used to escavate the stone. Our quarries are located in France, Italy, Spain and Mexico. Although most of our stone comes from these countries, we have stone sources in Egypt, Israel, Turkey and Portugal depending on the material the client prefers.
After the stone is excavated it usually arrives at our carving facilities as a raw block. Once the carvers know what they are using the particular block for, it is sent to the saw for sizing into the required sizes depending on the product being manufactured. In this case, the limestone block was cut into smaller pieces to be carved in to a Fireplace Mantel.

Once the craftsman has the block wirth the right size and shape, he then draws the particular design onto the stone with pencil before it is carved into a unique work of art.

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