Custom Stone Kitchen Hoods

Stone Kitchen Range Hoods

Whether it’s the inspiration of antiquity and the lore of French chateaus that draws you in or the modern, eclectic elegance of modern design, our custom stone kitchen hoods create intricate beauty in homes that range in style from delicate and rich in history to those that are new, grand, and majestic.

The range hood is one of the most critical components in the kitchen; however, it is also typically one of the most often overlooked opportunities to add grandeur to the room. The transformation created by a stone range hood can be dramatic, distinct, and refined, regardless of its style. Luxury in the kitchen often lacks finality until a stone kitchen hood brings it all together.

Highlight the most important task done in your kitchen with a stunning, elegant custom stone kitchen hood; contact BT Archstone today and let’s discuss your next project. We can customize your hood to match any theme and any décor from any inspirational architectural style. Whether you already know exactly what you want, or you need our assistance choosing from an expansive collection of designs for stone kitchen range hoods, we can help.

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