Custom Stone Pools, Patios & Decks in Florida

Custom Pools & Decks

It’s very important to know what type of material to choose for any outdoor flooring of a home. Although a stone may look beautiful, it might not work well as a driveway or pool deck or terrace. The last thing anyone wants is tire marks on their driveway or burned feet from a pool deck in the summer. 

Natural Stone for Your Swimming Pool & Stone Pool Deck

Some of the most popular outdoor spaces are those with water features and a pool area. Not every type of natural stone offered by pool companies is suitable for this type of design and build, however. Whether you choose limestone for your pool deck, travertine tiles for your pool, or granite pavings, the stone of choice must be able to stand up to the weather conditions typical for your location, whether you’re in south Florida or anywhere else.

Custom Pools in Florida

It all begins with the construction process. A proper beginning ensures a perfect completion for your design and build. Your outdoor space needs to be one of a kind, and we can help you choose everything from the landscaping to the water features to the swimming pool design.

 Let the team at BT Architectural Stone guide you towards the stone that works best for your project.

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