The entrance and grounds of the home offers a first impression of the owner’s estate. Beautiful landscaping architecture, handsome walls & gates, superb statuary and fountains give grounds dignity and distinction to the property and can leave an immediate and lasting impression of one’s home.

The sound of gently falling water into a beautiful pool surrounded by golden crema marble is enough to soothe the most tired soul – and the look is truly unforgettable. Unlike composite materials, water brings life to natural stone, embellishing veins and enhancing the color of ingrained compounds found in stone. Learn how you can transform your outdoor area using the latest architectural landscaping trends.


BT Architectural Stone (aka Barbara Tattersfield Design) produces natural stone balustrading which can be used to great effect in almost any decorative setting. When other architectural appointments are present, such as a fountain, columns, pool coping, door surround or niche, we often think of this element as the finishing touch.

Planters and Finials

Gardening is crucial when it comes to creating a professional landscape design. Limetone planters and finials add order and structure to natural environments. They can highlight particularly rare or beautiful plants or help break up the space. Choose a garden design that compliments the rest of the outdoor area.

Pools and Decks

Nothing brings your landscape design to life like a soothing pool and deck area. A raised or underground pool acts as a centerpiece for the backyard, helping you entertain your guests and draw focus to the areas that matter most. Plan and design the rest of the space around the pool to bring order and meaning to the space. You can add planters and finials around the pool or transform the deck area into a relaxing oasis for your guests.

If your outdoor area doesn’t compare to the rest of your home, hire a professional landscape contractor that can help you bring the space to life. Contact BT Architectural Stone to find a landscape architect near you and learn more about the latest limestone landscaping designs in the United States. Your home or property deserves the best. Leave the right impression on your guests with a stunning landscape design.

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