Luxurious Marble and Stone Home Interiors

From Marble Floors and Limestone Floors to Stone Columns and Mantles

Stone enhances interiors, regardless of style. Beautifully fabricated limestone establishes a sense of classical permanence; a deeper sense of elegance which serves to offset your custom furnishings. Stone wall cladding creates unparalleled contrast and texture…columns define beautifully arranged living spaces…the stone fireplace mantel provides grounding relaxation.

Be inspired every day and find yourself surrounded by the beauty, strength, and luxury that only stone can provide. Walk upon stone that has journeyed from afar with marble floors; walk limestone floors that have been expertly crafted, emitting a timeless air and strong elegance to your space. Our fireplace mantles are available in styles that represent both old and new, both modern and classic. Stone columns are a popular choice for those who desire a sense of grandeur in their interior spaces or the exteriors.

Discover the unrivaled nobility and substance of our stone interior options – contact BT Architectural Stone to discuss your vision.

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