Architectural Entrances

Set the Scene for Your Living Space with an Ornate Gate, Entryway, or Front Door

The entrance to your home or estate is the first design element your guests will notice when they arrive, so use this space to make a strong first impression. At BT Architectural Stone, we specialize in all types of architectural entries, including front door surrounds, gate piers and stepping stone walkways. The entryway represents the transition from the exterior to the interior. It sets the tone for the persons experience inside the space by establishing the look and feel of the property. The entrance to your home should match the elegance thats found on the inside.

Our team is here to help you design, craft, and install the ultimate entryway. Learn more about our approach to the architectural process to begin transforming the look of your property.

Custom Limestone Architectural Entrances

Nothing will add elegance to the entrance of your home like natural limestone extracted from Northern Italy, Portuguese hillsides or the South of France. We use nothing but the best and most authentic materials to craft signature architectural creations that stand the test of time.

Regardless of what youre looking to do with the entrance to your property, our designers will be there to guide you from start to finish. It begins with understanding your aesthetic and plans for the entryway. Our team will then create custom drawings according to your exact specifications that are then installed onsite. We pay attention to every detail of the finished product to ensure lasting satisfaction.

Every architectural detail we design is handcrafted by our team of our team of experts. We bring out the natural qualities in the stone to highlight the materials, giving your home a signature look that your guests wont find anywhere else.

About BT Architectural Design

We are known around the world as one of the premiere natural stone architectural design firms in the industry. Our practice is shaped by our love and appreciation for natural materials, which have the potential to enhance the look of any interior. We have a reputation for crafting timeless living spaces, including interiors and exteriors, in some of the most iconic properties around the world. Every job is tailored to the clients exact preferences, resulting in stunning features that add value to the property.

If you are looking for a truly unique architectural entrance, the professionals at Barbara Tattersfield Design are here to turn your vision into reality. Call (561) 833-3443 to schedule your design consultation today.

Barbara Tattersfield Design produces natural stone architectural appointments which can be used to great effect in almost any decorative setting.  The combination of an entrance surround, columns and a fountain, for example, can create a powerful and stunning statement; the signature that distinguishes your home from the rest.  Other architectural elements such as window surrounds, brackets, balustrading and finials can be added to complete the look, add the finishing touch.

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