Tips for Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Fireplace

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Choose the Right Materials and Setting for Your Outdoor Living Space

Nothing completes the exterior of your home like a soothing outdoor fireplace. You can turn a portion of your backyard into a comfortable living area that stays the perfect temperature year-round. Curl up with your loved ones or a glass of wine as you enjoy the sounds of the outdoors paired with the crackling of an authentic fireplace. Use these tips to make the most of your outdoor living space.

Choose a Setting

You will need to house your fireplace in a permanent outdoor structure to protect the flames from the wind. Consider building the fireplace in a stone wall or insert a fire pit in a stone entryway. The walls of the fireplace should insulate the flame from the elements to keep the fire lit. The pit should also have a three-foot surround to reduce the risk of flying sparks and smoke inhalation.

You can pair your fireplace with an outdoor kitchen, grill, or seating area. Add cover, such as pergola or awning, to shelter your living space from the rain and wind. Leave space for outdoor furniture and give yourself enough space to entertain guests. You may need to set up a barrier or adjust the position of the flame to keep it away from children and animals.

Depending on how you plan on using the space, you may want to add lighting to help your guests see in the dark, as the fireplace may not provide enough visibility. Install overhead lights to make the space more inhabitable for your guests. Create a lighted trail from your home to the fireplace if it is a short walk away to reduce the chances of someone tripping on your property.

Choose Your Materials

Outdoor fireplaces are often made with brick, natural stone, and concrete. The materials you choose will have a dramatic effect on the overall look and feel of the space. Consider matching your materials to those used in your home to make the outdoor area feel like a natural extension of the property. If your home is made with brick or concrete, a brick or concrete fireplace will blend right in.

But the most elegant outdoor fireplaces are made with rich natural stone, including limestone and marble. These materials come with organic tones and patterns that add luxury to any outdoor space. They are coated in a protective polish to preserve the stone’s natural qualities. If your home is a cut above the rest with limestone features and marble floors, bring the same aesthetic to the outdoors.

Regardless of what materials you use, they must be flame resistant especially when using a wood-burning fireplace. Use natural stone to create a fireplace limestone surround or marble surround. They are flame resistant and the patterns of the stone help reflect the light of the flames, creating a soothing experience for you and your guests.

What Type of Fireplace

Some homeowners love the smell and crackle of a natural wood burning fireplace, but you will need a steady supply of wood if you choose this option. Consider storing spare logs next to or near your outdoor stone fireplace to keep it within reach. Shelter the wood from the rain and separate the unused logs from the open flame to avoid starting a fire.

Gas fireplaces are much easier to operate and maintain. They come with fewer safety hazards and do not require wood. You simply press a button to turn the fire on or off, but gas-burning fireplaces lack some of the charm and nostalgia of wood-burning fireplaces.

Creating an outdoor stone fireplace is like adding another room to your home. You can relax under the stars as you spend time with the people you love. Use these tips to create a stunning addition to your home that will last the test of time.