2 Questions to Ask Yourself When Purchasing Fireplace Mantels

English & Gothic Stone Fireplace Mantels

Whether you’re having a new home custom built or you’re looking to remodel, you have a lot of decisions to make. And some of the most important choices will come when you are considering fireplace mantels. Sure choosing your fireplace surround may seem straightforward enough, but consider the following questions.

1. Do you want to customize?

First and foremost, you need to decide if you want a fireplace mantel like the neighbor down the street or if you want something customized to your own specifications. Obviously those looking to remodel or customize their homes would be wise to have their fireplace mantels composed to match their space.

2. What material should you choose?

First let’s look at your main options: limestone and wood. Is that even a choice? Wood deteriorates. Wood stains. Wood fades. Limestone does none of those. And let’s not forget that wood can catch on fire, which doesn’t work very well when used around a fireplace…

When you answer these questions, the correct decision is pretty obvious. Choose limestone fireplaces for one of a kind, durable, and safe fireplace mantels.