3 Places Architectural Stone Can Be Used in Your Home

North Marina

Architectural stone does more than dress up your home. It turns it into a work of art. Here are a few places you can use it to transform your space.

  1. Around your fireplace—Imagine walking through your entryway into the living room and setting your eyes on the most gorgeous fireplace you’ve ever seen. Marble climbs up each side, detailed in etchings performed by the most skilled of hands. This can be your reality when you choose architectural stone.
  2. Around your door—Standard door trim can dress up your passageway a bit, but for those wishing to be truly distinctive, architectural stone is the right choice. Hand carved to your specifications, the stone creates an ornate doorway pleasing to all eyes that see them.
  3. On Your Driveway—Okay, so this isn’t inside your home—but who says architectural stone can’t increase your curb appeal? Welcome visitors in with a beautiful driveway and let them know from the start what kind of house they are about to enter.

Architectural stone—it’s the right choice for the high quality home.