9 Fireplace Inspirations for Your Home Redesign

If you’re looking for a luxury fireplace redesign, BT Architectural Stone is here to help you find the perfect design. The world of custom stone fireplaces is one of extraordinary beauty, opulence, and exceptional design. With so many optionsto choose from, getting ideas for your home or business can be difficult. Here are seven of the most beautiful modern fireplaces for your consideration:

The Dugally Mantel

Dugally in Beaumaniere limestone custom stone fireplaces

The Dugally Mantel is one of the most elaborate limestone fireplaces, perfect for any remodel idea. It’s constructed of exotic Beaumaniere limestone, quarried from the beautiful central region of France. This design style is of the Tuscan influence; the fireplace in the photo is located in Newport Coast, CA.

The Jeffrey Fireplace Mantel with Trumeau

Jeffrey in Crema Marfil stone fireplace mantels

The floor to ceiling Jeffrey Fireplace Mantel with Trumeau is a stunning example of custom stone fireplaces and is made of beautiful Crema Marfil white marble. This type of stone originates from Spain and is a fine representation of Tuscan design. The current location of the fireplace pictured is Bal Harbour, Florida.

The Kenco Fireplace Mantel

Kenco custom stone fireplaces

The Kenco fireplace mantel is made of Statuary marble, which originates from the lovely area of Carrara, Italy. The architectural design style of custom stone fireplaces like this is 19th century Italianate; the fireplace pictured is currently located in Redlands, CA.

The Compania Fireplace Mantel

Compania in Iberia marble custom stone fireplaces

The Compania Fireplace Mantel is constructed of Iberia black marble, a stunning stone that originates from Spain. It’s sure to be the focal point of any room in the house. Perfect for any dining room or living room, this fireplace remodel is a gorgeous representation of the stone mantels of the Roman Italianate style. The fireplace pictured is located in Newport Coast, CA.

The Henley Mantel

Henley in Crema limestone fireplace mantel

The Henley Mantel is a beautiful specimen of limestone fireplaces created from Crema limestone. This type of stone originates from Yucatan, Mexico, and displays the exceptional English Italianate design style. This particular Henley Mantel fireplace is in Winter Park, FL.

The Gothic Mantelpiece

Gothic Mocha Fatima limestone fireplaces

The Gothic Mantelpiece is a classic, stunning example made from Mocha Fatima limestone. Originally found in Portugal, this style is representative of the Gothic Revival design. The piece that is pictured is located in Palm Beach, Florida.

The Isquia Mantel

Ischia custom stone fireplace mantels

The Isquia Mantel is crafted from Ibiza marble, which can be found in the beautiful country of Turkey. This piece is a premium example of contemporary design styling, and is currently located in Newport Beach, CA.

The Casa de la Porta Mantel

The Casa de la Porta Mantel
The Casa de la Porta Mantel makes for an elegant addition to any room. The Beaumaniere limestoneis fashioned in an Art Deco style with crisp geometric forms, sleek edges, and a smooth texture that’s perfect for a modern fireplace. This piece is currently located in Palm Beach, FL.

The Padova Mantel and Trumeau

The Padova Mantel and Trumeau
The Padova Mantel and Trumeau is made of fossil shell stone from the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico for a truly unique fireplace insert. It features a rugged texture with repeated formsin a classical Vicenza style. This piece is located in Jupiter Island, FL.

BT Architectural Stone would be delighted to bring your fireplace redesign concept to life. We also welcome you to explore our library of existing fireplaces if you need more inspiration. Our experts will work with you to sculpt a unique fireplace insert or mantel that is perfect for your home or business. Contact us today to learn more!

A Modern Look

April is Modern Month. We placed an ad with Florida Design Magazine that features our Modern Fireplace Mantels. Modern Design has been a popular style for many years especially in Cities like Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Denver and Dallas. These mantel designs really lend themselves to tying up the look of a living room going for a contemporary look. Architectural stone is a great choice when designing with a modern theme because of the ability to accentuate sleek lines through out a building.

2 Questions to Ask Yourself When Purchasing Fireplace Mantels

Whether you’re having a new home custom built or you’re looking to remodel, you have a lot of decisions to make. And some of the most important choices will come when you are considering fireplace mantels. Sure choosing your fireplace surround may seem straightforward enough, but consider the following questions.

1. Do you want to customize?

First and foremost, you need to decide if you want a fireplace mantel like the neighbor down the street or if you want something customized to your own specifications. Obviously those looking to remodel or customize their homes would be wise to have their fireplace mantels composed to match their space.

2. What material should you choose?

First let’s look at your main options: limestone and wood. Is that even a choice? Wood deteriorates. Wood stains. Wood fades. Limestone does none of those. And let’s not forget that wood can catch on fire, which doesn’t work very well when used around a fireplace…

When you answer these questions, the correct decision is pretty obvious. Choose limestone fireplaces for one of a kind, durable, and safe fireplace mantels.

Why Choose Marble Fireplace Mantels?

What is the focal point of your living room? If you’re like most Americans, it’s most likely your television. And not that there’s anything wrong with that, but imagine if you changed that. Imagine for a moment that instead of centering your gathering room on a television that cuts conversation and sends everyone into their own trance—instead of that you decided to turn the focus on something that brings warmth, comfort, and even romance. That’s exactly what you can do with marble fireplace mantels.

Make a Statement with Marble Fireplace Mantels

Most homes come equipped with fireplaces. These days it’s pretty much standard. But often they are cookie cutter fireplaces that, aesthetically speaking, leave much to be desired. This wasn’t so in the old days. In fact, traditionally the fireplace is the signature statement of the home. So if that is the case—what is your saying about your house?

When you go with marble fireplace mantels, you can instantly take the quality of your home up five notches with a truly unique piece. So make a statement and contact Barbara Tattersfield Design, Inc. now!

Outdoor Living Spaces

As Spring and Summer approaches, homeowners naturally start to think about spending more time outdoors. There has been a trend over the last few years to create outdoor living spaces that are specifically designed to entertaining guests and family….  not just as a means for throwing the occasional barbeque. Barbara Tattersfield from Barbara Tattersfield Design, lead designer of the renowned architectural stonework firm in West Palm Beach, has noticed a significant trend with clients designing or remodeling their patios, loggias, terraces and poolsides to better accommodate the company they love to keep.


Del Lago Mantel

Through international travel, upper echelon homeowner’s have become culturally savy and more refined in their preferences to incorporate natural stone as a means of function and design. Architects and landscape architects alike are further developing available square footage to enhance exterior lounges and outdoor kitchen areas which call out for appointments in natural stone. These outdoor living spaces have furthermore migrated from simple patios to principal seating areas with distinctive stone features. Garden settings are becoming more defined by integrating stone planters and carved benches, ravishing fountains and period urns. Fully functioning limestone fireplace mantels have also become more widespread within these custom home projects.


Corso Mantel

Barbara Tattersfield Design and Pietra del Mar have been able to help clients bring these living spaces to fruition with the use of custom designed architectural stone. Thanks to its versatility to withstand all types of weather, natural stone is a great high-end option for your outdoor living space. The different color and texture options available allow for a seamless transition from your home to the outdoors.

Outdoor fireplace mantels are a nice way to extend the enjoyment of outdoor living well into the evening while creating a cozy conversation area for family and friends to gather around. There is a warm and romantic ambiance that surrounds a fireplace, inviting guests to sit, relax, converse and simply enjoy. A cleaning service ensures your space is always organized and prepared for future use.


Mattia Mantel

An outdoor fountain will bring relaxation, beauty and tranquility to your environment.  Architectural accents such as urns, columns and statuary can provide an element of elegance to your surroundings.  Planters and troughs are a convenient way to add greenery and lushness to your stone surroundings.  Have Barbara Tattersfield Design and Pietra del Mar help you design the ultimate outdoor space for your home.